Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Never say Never: Lessons from Becky Coles - Newstalk 1010

Newstalk 1010 producer Becky Coles paid a visit to her alma mater today, and spoke to the 2016 graduating class of Radio Humber.

Becky opened up her talk by asking the class if there was a certain radio format they wouldn’t ever work in. A few of the students responded, which led to the greater discussion of encouraging them to ‘never say never’. 

‘Never saying never’ is a sentiment echoed by most seasoned radio professionals – who – like Becky – rise to the occasion and work where they can get a job in radio – regardless of job description and content format. Becky reflected on how she didn’t expect to be a traffic reporter, work in promotions or do morning radio. The reality is – she worked in traffic, she worked in promotions and continues to work in morning radio. In her words – ‘ I like to live, support myself, and … eat.’

In the 14 years of working in radio – another reality Becky faced was being restructured out of employment twice. The first time she had a hard time with the experience, and was hard on herself - wondering what more she could have done to be kept on with the company. The next time it happened – she realized that being laid off or restructured  is a reality of this business, and no matter how hard you work –when your number is up, it’s up.

Good advice for the graduating class who may very likely face this ‘reality of the business’ one day themselves. The important part, says Becky - is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn from the experience and try again. And never say never.

Sheila Walsh, Mar 30 2016