Friday, March 4, 2016

'Going Home' - reflections on post, post-secondary

Going ‘home’ today” was how Global TV reporter Mark Carcasole described his return to halls of Humber College.

How nice is it that our Radio Humber graduates reflect on their time in college with such warmth? It's an undeniable and indescribable connection that many alumni – myself included – feel each time they walk through the doors of their alma mater. And the Radio Humber program is very lucky that so many alumni offer to come back, share their experiences, offer advice - and make a re-connection with – perhaps – a simpler time?

Mark – from the class of 2006 - was the veteran of the nine Radio Humber graduates who returned to Humber College today to speak to the Radio Diploma Class of 2016 – who are a mere 8 weeks away from finishing up that ‘simpler time’ (although they don’t realize that yet).

Joining Mark on our ‘Grad Panel talk’ was Shemroy Parkinson from Kiss 92.5, Leah Abrahams from Newcap Radio Toronto, Phil Hong from Humble and Fred, George Tsilfidis from Newstalk 1010, Amanda Santos from Country 105 and her brother Quin Santos (our first brother sister graduating class!), Brent Gunning from Sportsnet 590 The Fan, and Nicole Rodgers – most recently of Indie 88.1

The session opened with this question: ‘What was the biggest learning curve 6 months post-Humber?’’
Answers varied – but essentially the common theme with the group was:
1.      You need to be a good multitasker
2.      You need to have an excellent work ethic
3.      You need to be passionate about what it is you are doing
4.      And perhaps most importantly – you need to be patient,     because the opportunity you’re waiting for is worth waiting for.

The current students had some very insightful and intelligent questions for the panel: “what’s the fine line between being confident and arrogant”  “how do I get noticed” “how can I make opportunities for myself”...

As someone who has had the pleasure of having each of these men and women in at least one of my classes over the years, it is very fulfilling to see that these young talents – who were diamonds in the rough not so long ago – are shining brightly and living their dreams. AND – that they like to come ‘home’.

SW, Mar 2016