Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chris Pottage - Producer Perspective

‘A good producer is always happy to help” 

Wise words from veteran Toronto radio producer – Chris Pottage – who visited the Radio Humber Speaker Series today (#RBDSpeakerSeries).  Pottage – who heads the Roger’s Radio Creative Department in Toronto – offered many wise words to this group of students – most of whom are radio producers and writers in training.

He advised the group to ‘do things that terrify you’, and he reflected on a time when he was thrown into a situation he wasn’t trained - or prepared - for: producing and mixing a live artist feature on the former Toronto country station CISS Country. The baptism by fire intial session was disastrous, and Chris pleaded with his then boss to never have to do it again. Her response – something that is still heard today – was ‘no money – you’re the man’. 6 months later – producing that live music feature was the highlight of Chris’ job.

Another key point Chris hit on was to be receptive of constructive criticism. ‘The person who pats you on the back and says good job – nothing else – is not helping you improve your craft’. He offered that someone who takes the time to properly critique you shows they care, and that they want you to get better.

Chris has survived much radio turnover in his career – and attributes it to something he advised the students to focus on:  a great work ethic, 'a great attitude, a yearning to improve your skill, and staying humble’.

Asked by a student what superpower he would like to possess – Chris answered ‘super attitude man’; I think it was evident to the audience that he already has that superpower.

Sheila Walsh, Mar 9, 2016