Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Peter Mansbridge visit to Humber

CBC Chief News Correspondent Peter Mansbridge paid a visit to the Humber North Campus on Monday February 11, 2013 to speak to the Radio Humber students (http://radio.humber.ca/). Mansbridge’s appearance was the result of a second year Radio Broadcast networking assignment designed to reach out to influential broadcast industry members and bring them into Humber to speak to radio students.

(L-R: SMSIT Dean Guillermo Acosta, Humber Radio students Alyssa Alley, Solange Bitar, Josh Hensen and Matt Carty; Humber President Chris Whitaker; CBC Chief News Correspondent Peter Mansbridge; Humber Radio Program Coordinator Sheila Walsh; Humber Radio students Nicole Garbutt and James Sebastian-Scott.)

Mansbridge, who one student noted ‘oozed integrity’, did not disappoint. He encouraged the Humber radio students to stay unbiased when reporting the news, reminding them their job is to “cover the story, lay out the facts, and let the audience decide how they want to feel about it”.  He also advised the students, who are 10 weeks away from completing the program that they should be open to “thinking big, but starting small”,  using his own career trajectory as an example. Mansbridge noted his humble beginnings in Churchill, Manitoba were instrumental in forming who he is today. He also reminded students that “reporters are human, and they are deeply affected by some of the stories they cover”. Reassuring the students that this is okay, he advised a strategy may be to keep their focus on the fact that the listener is “depending on you to keep them calm”

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