Monday, February 11, 2013

Branding yourself - it's easy!

Branding yourself using digital and social media

Sheila Walsh, Program Coordinator, Radio Broadcasting Diploma Program at Humber College, 2012

In today’s competitive broadcasting market, a digital portfolio to accompany your tangible portfolio is a must. Start thinking of yourself as a dynamic brand and create a synergy between all facets of your brand (logo, format, design etc.). Then, begin pitching your brand to the masses!

5 simple steps to effective personal brand networking in a digital and social media environment:

  1. Open a free Soundcloud account Soundcloud allows you to store and share your audio (demos, examples of audio work etc)
  2. Start a free Twitter account, and keep all posts for this account very professional, and industry related. Start following broadcast hiring managers and broadcast companies, as well as industry sites.
  3. Open a free Linkedin account and transcribe your skills as effectively as possible. Have an industry mentor review before going live. Then link your twitter and soundcloud accounts to your Linkedin account. Start exploring connections and professionally approach them with an invite to your Linkedin connections.
  4. Investigate the free blog and web design sites below*, and start designing your own website.
  5. Link all your social media together. You are now a brand that covers many digital and social media venues.
Blogging sites:

Webpage e-portfolio sites:

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